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Mad props go out to IronBits for hosting the site and all the others who have kept this site going for the past couple of years!.

April 20, 2002

Look North
A solar eruption, known as a coronal mass ejection or CME, happened on April 17th. It’s currently flowing past Earth and causing a geomagnetic storm, they happen every few months. One thing you can look forwards to, should you be far enough north, is a great display of aurorae borealis or just simply aurora or northern lights.
To see the latest extent of the show, the NOAA POES page has both north and south polar plots. They also have resources available to help determine if it’s worth going outside and having a look (make sure you stay out long enough for your eyes to get dark adapted) as well as the extent plots.
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April 19, 2002

Pure Production
If we look at the pure production of the last 13 days we can see that we are losing from both SETI.Germany and Seti@Netherlands. SETI.Germany has an average of 12686 wu’s, Seti@Netherlands has 9754 and we must follow with 8490. That means that SETI.Germany is gaining 4196 wu’s every day. See here for the chart. Buy best baby toothbrush. Monitor your child’s dental health.

Carolyn’s Clinic
Carolyn’s Clinic is a fun website. It is “The world’s leading Internet treatment facility for diseases that afflict people running the Seti at Home program”. The Clinic has been investigating some of the top Seti at Home teams. To see what they have found out, go to the Team Investigation page.


April 18, 2002

You Can Make A Difference – Volunteer For TLC!
Team Lamb Chop is mobilizing for a brand new membership drive, and we need your help! Do you want to become involved and make a difference? Do you want TLC to remain the world’s #1 SETI team? Well now you can! I’m looking for volunteers to help plan and execute our Spring membership drive. You should be an active TLC member that can give us 4-6 hours of your time each week for the next several weeks. As part of this team, you’ll be spreading the TLC message to the ends of the earth, bring new members into our prestigious clan, and encourage dormant alumni to return to active status. The fight for #1 starts right here, right now, and YOU CAN make a difference! If you want to volunteer, email me today.
S�N G��

Looking for Life in All the Right Places
The SETI Institute�s Edna DeVore reports from the second annual NASA Astrobiology Science Conference held at NASA�s Ames Research Center, April 7 to 11, 2002. See here for the full article.

Tellian’s Stats
Tellian has made a new stats page. It gives the overall power rankings for Distributed Computing, using Genome + SETI + Folding + RC5, the outputs of the teams and their averages over time. See here for his website.

Gauntlet Update
After four days “The Holy Axe-Wielding Nobility” still has the lead with 3023 wu’s. Closely followed by “The Dogs of War” with 2989 wu’s. Third are “The Rolling Stones” with 2868 wu’s, “The Teaberry Collective “ is fouth with 2494 wu’s and fifth is “Team Prime Rib “ with 1773 wu’s. For the compleet stats see here.


April 16, 2002

TLC – Ken & Memnoch Above The 100,000 Wu Barrier
Two of our top producers, “TLC – Ken” and “Memnoch”, have broken the 100,000 wu barrier!!! Congratulations guy’s!!! For our up to date SETI@Home group page see here.

Very Slow Team
It is nice to see that not all german groups try to catch us. Team “no disco” only uses very slow/old machines. Their device is “Old Hardware For New Science” One of their members: “marvin93” used 4763 hr 53 min for 1 work unit! For their SETI@Home group page see here.

The Ego Thread
Just passed that guy you’ve been chasing for the last three months?
About to declare war on the guy you’ll be chasing for the next three months?
Hit a tasty milestone?
Added a few machines?
Those little things that don’t really make you want to make a thread about, like finally dropping below 15h CPU average or posting ten results in the same day, post them here.
Let us know! Show your peers what you can do and recieve their respect and appreciation. (This text was written by Hat.)


April 15, 2002

The End Of The World
Remember 5th May 2000? When the world ended in a hail of fire, brimstone, volcanoes and earthquakes?
I didn’t think so.
It was, however, the cause of some concern amongst those who didn’t know much about it. Basically, it was a conjunction of most of the planets, but on the far side of the Sun so we couldn’t see them during the day. In late April and early May this year, there’s going to be much the same again, another planetary conjunction, but this time at an angle to the Sun so we can actually see it.
Look west just after sunset, the orange ‘star’ is Mars, not far from the Pleiades star cluster. The blazingly bright ‘star’ is Venus. Moving up, Saturn is an unconvincing first magnitude which the layman probably wouldn’t notice. It’s just to the side of Aldebaran in Taurus, the V shape. Almost overhead is bright Jupiter. As the month progresses, these will grow closer together until they become quite a fine sight. Those of you with binoculars will be able to resolve the planets into discs.
There’s never been a better time to look up.

TLC Member Of The Week: “S�N G��”
SETI@Home is offering its members to set up a personal profile. Every day they choose a “SETI@home User of the Day”. You can tell something about yourself, about your reasons to cruch and you can put a nice picture in it. To encourage TLC members to make one we will choose a personal profile once a week and make that member “The TLC Member of the Week”. This week we have picked “S�N G��”, our dedicated pr manager. For his personal profile see here. Personal profiles with a nice text and picture have a bigger chance to be choosen. If you want to make one see here. Please put a line in there that you are a TLC member!

SETI@Home Is Back To Normal
The SETI@Home server is back to normal after a very slow period. So it is time to fill up those caches again. For the current status see here.

Gauntlet Update
The gauntlet has started. “The Holy Axe Wielding Nobility” has taken the lead with 519 wu’s, with as members the topguns svdsinner and TLC – Ken. Number two is “The Teaberry Collective” with 497 wu’s. For a compleet overview of all the teams see here.

New Version SetiQueue
A new version of SetiQueue has been published. The current SetiQueue version is: It has many improvements like a lot of new stat pages. You can download it here.


April 11, 2002

Our Fight Against SETI.Germany
In the last 10 days we have making much progress. With many new members we have countered the SG threat. But we are still producing about 2000 wu’s less than SG on a daily base. Our memberlist is almost as high as SG but they have about 1850 active members against our 1250 on a daily base. So borg more people and boxes! Crunch for TLC!
For more info see this thread.

Gauntlet Teams
All gauntlet teams have setup a thread on the forum. If you are interested: please pay them a visit.
The Rolling Stones (TRS)
Team Prime Rib (TPR)
The Teaberry Collective (TTC)
The Dogs of War (TDOW)
The Holy Axe-Wielding Nobility (THAWN)
A list of team members can be found here.


April 10, 2002

This Newspage
From today on H@ and I will bring the news to you. If you have something for this page drop an email or post in this thread.

New Gauntlet
A new gauntlet is about to begin. If you want to be a part of it you must react fast. Read all about it here.

The svdsinner – kiltannen Battle
kiltannen Has challenged our number one producer svdsinner to a 30 day duel. Follow the battle of the giants in this thread.

Berkeley News
Version 3.07 of the client for Mac OS X is now available. You can get it here.


April 9, 2002

CLI Manual
Crossroads has written an excellent manual for setting up the command line client using Seti Driver, Seti Spy and connecting to a SetiQueue server.� The manual is in pdf form and can be downloaded here. You need Acrobat Reader version 5 to read it.

Front Page Changes
I’ve changed alittle on the front page (hopefully temporarily) to help allow others to post here.� I’ve gotten rid of the top status line for the time being because I am setting this page not to update when I update the stats.� I need to come up with some type of include script or something to do that…Im working on it :0

Another Banner


April 2, 2002

Over on the DC forums, S�N G�� has made some banners…check them out!� Download them if ya want!� Please don’t direct link them from here!


April 1, 2002

Join the Fight!
As many of you already know, SETI.Germany is not so subtly creeping up on TLC in the rankings.� If you are a casual reader of this site and may not have any firm allegiances to other teams I URGE you to join TLC to help stave off the SETI.Germany threat.� Pick up a client and join TLC (see link on the left)…and crunch away!

List Your Computers!
For those TLC crunchers out there and crunchers for other teams, make sure you register your computer in the Ars Supercomputer database!� There are lots of ya who haven’t do so, lets get an accurate assessment of the CPU power of the Ars teams.� Im sticking a link on the menus on the left there.

April Fools
If you noticed on the stats pages today, there was an influx of new members today.� Dont expect them to stick around long.� It looks like an April fools joke from SETI.Germany.� Hopefully we can get a bunch of new members to make S.G look like the fools!

Little Help Needed
If any TLC member would want to help out on the news here or help in updating some of the SETI FAQs please let me know drop me a line at (you know get rid of the NOSPAM).� I will look into getting the news page changed so anyone helping with the news will be able to post easily.

Berkeley’s pHatter Pipe
There is word over on the AnandTech forums that SETI is going to get some more bandwidth to help out with their project.�

From Dr David Anderson – Director of SETI@Home today;

You’re welcome to tell people about our 100 Mbps pipe. We had a lengthy meeting this morning with the Campus Network Services office, and it looks like it’s all going to work, though it turns out that want to charge us another $1K/month for using the link from Berkeley to Palo Alto, where we connect to Cogent. But that’s still a lot less than $6K/month for 20Mbps on Qwest.
— David

Im not sure if they have it setup already, but I dont think so.� I had read previously on the newsgroups that Berkeley was paying something like $1K/mo for some additional bandwidth through the Berkeley IT groups.� They said the money was coming from donations to the project.� i would think that donations to the project would go to the additional bandwidth here also.

Bunch o Signals
In the last SETI newsletter it said there were nearly 1400 signals that needed further analysis.� Today there is an article up on the Planteary Society website which takes a look at these signals and how S@h is going to delve deeper into the signals.� I suggest ya take a look!


March 6, 2002

Public Queue List Updated
I posted an update of the list of public queues.� You can find them here.

Other Stuff
Berkeley has released a new version of the Windows GUI client dubbed version 3.06.� Here is what it fixes:

  • �It fixes a typo in HTTP headers. This may enable SETI@home to work through transparent proxies. If you are behind a transparent proxy and version 3.06 is still unable to connect, please email us.

  • Some workunits produce large (> 60KB) result files. Previous versions can’t send these files, so users don’t get credit (and, since our server doesn’t get results, it keeps sending the work units over and over). This is fixed.

Information on the new client can be found on this page.

There is an update on the bandwidth woes at Berkeley and that info can be found here.

A couple of new S@H newsletters have been posted recently…Newsletter #11 details the new receiver at Arecibo, and the new newsletter is on the Persistency Checking of Gaussians.� The lastest newsletter and links to previous newsletters can be found on this page.


February 25, 2002

Bandwidth Clog Plunged
Welp the problems with getting work units seems to have cleared.� I am not exactly sure what was going on, I don’t know if the S@H staff know what was up either.� From some posts on alt.sci.seti it seems they weren’t getting the bandwidth they were entitled to.� It may have been a problem with the packet strangler on one of the Berkeley routers.� From another post it seems that S@H has actually been buying bandwidth over and above that the university gives them for free.� The money they have been using to purchase the additional bandwidth has come from donations to the S@H program.� Cool.

Page Modifications
As maybe stated before, I am working on a script to produce HTML from my Excel sheets.� I have modified a script found on the web and have had some success with it, but it still may need some tweaks.� You can see what the output of what I have so far here.� Compare it to this page here.� I am not sure if some of the tags I put in the script are supported by some browsers.� I need to check with some other browsers to make sure.� If there are any glaring problems with it let me know.� One tweak that is needed has to do with column spacing that I know of.� One benefit of the new script is it reduces the size of pages considerably.� The size of the page that Excel pushes out is a hefty 140KB.� This script knocks that size down to ~80KB.� Cool eh?


February 20, 2002

Unfortunately this morning the server crashed that is hosting the site.� That is why there was a delay in getting the stats up.� IronBits pulled an allnighter getting the server back going and online.� I am currently having problems adding new files to the site (server permission problems) and the page listing the public SetiQueues isn’t on the server yet.� Col. Forbin has also added a queue to the list it can be found at

There are still connection problems and Eric Korpela was seen on the alt.sci.seti newsgroups.� He basically said he isn’t sure why there is problems with connections to their servers.� The problem doesnt seem to be with their servers, or any problems due to them.� For some reason it looks S@H isn’t getting the bandwidth limits lifted at night.� Maybe someone hit a wrong switch.� He doesn’t know what is up, and is trying to get some answers from the Berkeley network ppl.

One last thing…my email address is dying at the end of the month.� I can be reached at� BTW…get rid of the NO.SPAM to reach me 🙂

Connection Problems
People have been having problems for the past couple of days connecting to the Berkeley servers even in the early hours of the day.� I have been having the same problems as all of y’all.� Not sure what is going on at the moment.� There hasn’t been an update on the Berkeley page yet.� For those of you who are not into caching yourself, there are some public SetiQueue servers available for your use.� You can connect to them to get some downloads and they are set to connect to the servers in the early hours.� I have set up a page for listing the public queues and have put a link on the menu on the left to the page.� I will update the list if more come available.�

New Server
IronBits moved the site over to a new box.� This change occurred late Monday night and we are currently on the new server.� Thanks go out to IronBits for his hosting and keeping the site alive!� He is also working on putting up bplog on the page so other people will be able to update the news.� If anyone is interested in helping out with the news a bit drop me a line!

Other Site Stuff
I am working on getting the weekly stuff updated automatically.� In the meantime I have also updated the weekly stats for the past week.� I am also working on a script to convert Excel stuff to HTML.� I have done a couple of tests with it and it seems to work a bit and the major benefit of the script is that the page sizes for the charts etc are significantly smaller.� They are about half the size as the current pages.� Hopefully I will have the stuff up and running sometime this weekend.� I may have to check to see if things work on different browsers first.


February 11, 2002

Ok I’m Back
Here is an update for y’all.� Sorry it has been so long for any type of news updates here.� I am working on things here so there should be some long neglected updates coming in the next couple of days.� First off, I have a weekly update for you.� I am working on a script to get the weekly stuff updated automatically.


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